Refund Policy

All sales of new or used firearms are final.

All warranties are covered by the product’s manufacturer. We do not offer or provide warrantees on any items. New firearms are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and should be returned directly to the manufacturer for repair. M&T Supply neither warrants or guarantees any firearm or item purchased. The original manufacturer warrants the item. We will be happy to be of any assistance possible with your warranty claim. We are not responsible for manufacturer’s warranty if the company closes or is purchased by another company.

There is no warranty on used guns unless otherwise specified before purchase. Used parts and firearms are sold as is.  This “sold as-is” policy includes all firearms and parts. We suggest having a certified gunsmith inspect, install and/or test all used parts and firearms prior to use.

Due to regulations and safety consideration, ammunition, gun powder, primers, most liquids, and other ORM-D and Hazardous items are not returnable.