SOT Transfer

The following is for use by Pennsylvania residents only.

Suppressors, also known as silencers, are legal to own in Pennsylvania. They are regulated by federal law and, on a state-by-state basis, by the National Firearms Act (NFA) branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). Private Citizens can legally purchase and possess silencers in Pennsylvania. It is also legal to hunt while using a silencer in the State of Pennsylvania.

To purchase a silencer the following qualifications apply:

You must be United States Citizen and a resident of Pennsylvania.
Be legally able to purchase a firearm in the State of Pennsylvania.
You must be able to pass a BATFE background check.
You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase from a Dealer.
You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase from another individual.

While acquiring a silencer isn’t as easy as purchasing a rifle, it’s a relatively simple process to follow. First you need to select a silencer. This step may seem simple, but there’s more to it than just picking a can and attaching it to a gun. You will need to ensure that the silencer of your choice is rated for the calibers you own or want to own. You also need to make sure it’s capable of being attached to the firearms you want to put it on. Normally this would mean that your firearm needs to have a threaded barrel. Many silencers today can attach and detach quickly using a specially designed muzzle device.

There are currently two ways to make an NFA purchase. You can file an application as an individual or as a Trust/Corporation.

Once you’ve picked a product, we will set aside your silencer. We will assist you with filling out your ATF Form 4, 5320.4. We will enter all of the product info along with the provided required info of you, the purchaser.  We will provide you with three copies of the ATF Form 4. We can also provide you with copies of the required FBI fingerprint cards. You will need to get two passport style photos taken of yourself.

As of July 13, 2016 a new rule went into effect, ATF rule 41F. CLEO or Chief Law Enforcement Officer Certification will no longer be required. This means that you will no longer need approval from your Local Chief Law Enforcement Officer if you are acquiring the silencer as an individual.

As of December 23 2021, the ATF now offers Form 1 and Form 4 transfers online at

You now have the option to use the ATF Eforms website to transfer items covered under the NFA.
There are a few important changes to the transfer process that Transferees will need to follow.
  • You will need to set up an account at the Eforms website. By doing so you will be creating the following:
    • Login
    • Password
    • Pin Number
  • All items transferred will be done electronically.
  • Your Tax Stamp will be emailed to you by the ATF NFA branch. You will only receive a electronic copy of the stamp.
  • You will still need to deliver the CLEO copy to your local Law Enforcement Agency as listed on the transfer.

If you’re buying as an individual, you will need to mail the following to the ATF:

  • The first two copies of your completed Form 4’s
  • $200 check made payable to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
  • Two passport photos
  • Two fingerprint cards
  • The third copy of the Form 4 is to be submitted to your Local Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

If you’re buying as a Trust/Corporation, you will need to mail the following to the ATF:

  • The first two copies of your completed Form 4’s
  • $200 check made payable to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,      Firearms, and Explosives
  • Copy of your trust
  • All required copies of responsible persons Form 5320.23.
  • Two fingerprint cards of all responsible persons.
  • Two passport photos of all responsible persons.
  • The third copy of the Form 4 is to be submitted to your Local Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

If you are purchasing a silencer as a trust or corporation, you must complete a Form 5320.23 for every responsible person listed on the Trust. Every responsible person will need to complete the required fingerprint cards and have two passport photos taken. These items must be submitted along with the purchaser’s Form 4 to the ATF.

You have a few options as to how you can pay your $200 Tax. Check, money order or credit card. If the payment option of credit card is selected, you will need to add your credit card info to the form. It is a better idea to use a check as you will know exactly when the check has cleared and your paperwork has begun processing.

After you have properly submitted your paperwork to the ATF, it can take several months to hear back on a Form 4 approval. Times between filing as an individual and a Trust/Corporation may vary.  If you did everything right, we will receive one of the two copies of the Form 4 back from the ATF with your tax stamp affixed. You will be notified promptly afterward and you’ll be able to pick up your suppressor. When you pick up your item, you will need to fill out a Form 4473. This includes the Trustee picking the item up in the name of the Trust/Corporation. A NICS check will only be done on the Trustee at  that time.